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​Laura Gossman
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Instructional Design & Technology

Jinnette Senecal, MEd
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Aaron Kraft, MA
Instructional Designer

Canvas Transition

IMPORTANT: June 30, 2019 is the last day to export/archive materials from Blackboard!

The Academic Innovation (AI) instructional design team is working closely with University Technology Office (UTO) representatives and CONHI academic program directors and faculty to coordinate a seamless and efficient transition process for all face-to-face, hybrid, and iCourse offerings. For information about EdPlus/ASU Online oCourse transition plans, please reach out to your assigned EdPlus instructional designer. All courses will be migrated no later than the beginning of the Fall B session in 2019.

AI is collaborating with program directors to strategically target and sequence batches of courses to move each semester. When sequencing and teaching appointments are confirmed, assigned course faculty/coordinators will be contacted directly by an AI instructional designer to begin the process. Faculty are welcome to review and track the status of course migrations anytime on our dynamic project status page:

CONHI Canvas Transition Status Report

Getting to Know Canvas

There are a number of resources and options for preparing to teach in Canvas, including:

CONHI Syllabus Templates

Canvas-version syllabus templates are now available for download. All program templates have been updated to reflect the Canvas LMS description and URL. When preparing for the start of each semester, please verify that you are using the most up-to-date version of the syllabus template. For more information on the CONHI templates and version tracking, please review this guide.

Blackboard Organization (ORG) Sites

Canvas does not have a differentiated Organization tool, but Blackboard ORG site contents can be exported and then imported into a general Canvas DEV shell. “Leaders” of existing ORG sites will receive a direct communication from UTO with information about requesting an ORG site migration, but they are urging users to consider whether the LMS is best suited to fit the needs of the organization. If your Blackboard ORG has primarily been used to store/share files, leaders might consider instead utilizing a collaborative file storage solution likeDropBox (faculty and staff only), Google Drive (all ASU users), or One Drive (all ASU users). 

Important note: when submitting a request for ORG site migration, please include the Blackboard source details (title and site ID such as ORG-date-shortname) in the "Special Instructions" textbox.

Blackboard Course Content Archives (Optional)

For prior-year course versions that will not be directly migrated to Canvas, but still need to be preserved for reference purposes, archives can be exported from Blackboard, and either imported into a Canvas DEV shell or stored as a zip file backup. All archive downloads must be completed by June 30, 2019. After this date, Blackboard data will remain available for 2 years to UTO system administrators, for the purpose of addressing grade challenges/incompletes. Any instructors who need access to course data during this period will need to open a ticket with the UTO LMS support team.


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