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Faculty Instructional Tools 101 - Remote Edition

From the Office of the University Provost:

As ASU continues to monitor COVID-19, the university has transitioned from in-person teaching and learning to remote options. The university’s primary goal is the continuation of classes and the commitment to high-quality delivery of learning, so that all students can progress toward their academic goals uninterrupted.

Start Here with the ASU Remote Teaching Toolkit


In addition to the ASU Remote Teaching Toolkit, please review this collection of resources curated by the Edson College Instructional Design Team to learn more about strategies and tools available to you as you continue to deliver exceptional learning experiences for all Edson College students.divider lines

Administering Exams and Assessments

A variety of assessment strategies and tools are available to all ASU instructors. Many tools are directly integrated in Canvas for ease of use.


Creating Engaging Digital Presentations

Developing asynchronous presentations/lectures may be a useful strategy for supporting on-demand student learning. Before diving into production, we recommend viewing this brief, six-minute Video Spotlight on Creating Effective Lecture Videos.


Facilitating Synchronous Learning Experiences with Zoom

Arizona State University has adopted Zoom, a collaborative video conferencing tool, for all academic and operational meeting needs. Feature enhancements and instructional resources are rapidly evolving, and will be added to these resources lists as they become available.

Instructor Resources

Student Resources


Other Useful Toolkits and Resources

Many organizations are compiling strategic resource kits to support instructors through the process of pivoting to remote teaching modalities.


Accessing Additional Help

For technical assistance during a Zoom course meeting:

For assistance with Canvas and/or preparing for Zoom course meetings:

  • Please email Juli McGinnis to schedule an appointment with the Edson College Instructional Design Team.

For assistance with obtaining or preparing an ASU-provided laptop to facilitate Zoom meetings:

  • Please submit a help ticket to the Edson College Information Technology Team.

To explore the production options for instructional videos:

For questions regarding accessibility of remote instruction and managing accommodations:

  • Please contact the ASU Disability Resource Center at DRC@asu.edu or call 480-965-1234.

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