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Cloud Storage

Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive (including Team Drive) are cloud storage services free to ASU students and employees.

OneDrive is a Microsoft based cloud storage service and connects directly to your Microsoft O365 account. You can download software in order to access your OneDrive files directly from your Desktop.Dropbox is a cloud storage service for ASU faculty, staff, and student employees to use to store ASU related work.Google Drive is a Google based cloud storage service that is available with your ASU Google account. You can download software in order to access files directly, or use Google’s version of the various software to create files.

Available to all Student, Faculty, & Staff

Available to all Faculty, Staff, & Student Employees

Available to all Students, Faculty, & Staff

1 TB Storage Space

Storage Space for Faculty and staff.  Student Employees have 25 gb of storage.

Unlimited Storage Space

Tied to the ASU Directory

Edit Files using Microsoft Online

Tied to the ASU Directory

Edit Files Simultaneously using Microsoft Online

Must Request Access

Edit Files Simultaneously


Share Files with Custom Groups

Access Linked to My ASU
 Incremental Sync Architecture 

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