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Contact your Business Services representative if you have questions.

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For Sponsored Projects, please contact your R.I.S.E representative.

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Purchasing & Reimbursements

Employees wishing to make purchases connected to their work at CONHI  have a variety of options. CONHI practice varies slightly depending on the source of the funding being used to make the purchase(s).

For grant/sponsored purchases a Purchase Requistion form is always required and must include the PI's signature as approval. The quickets and easiest way to make a grant/sponsored purchase is to submit a completed form and have the ORS order your item(s) via our p-card. This allows us to ensure the charges are moved to the correct account. To be reimbursed, turn in the form with your original receipts.

If you're not sure the best way to manage a purchase, contact Business Services or RISE immediately so we can ensure your process isn't prolonged by unnecessary chasing of answers. 

Requests should be submitted using the Purchase Requisition form to Business Services or RISE.

Reminders about common purchases, regardless of source of funds:

All Goods

  1. All purchases must meet a University need and have a clear public purpose, see FIN 119: Public Purpose Served.
  2. Some goods and services are limited or prohibited, see FIN 401–03: Prohibited Transactions
  3. Sales tax applies to most physical goods, see FIN 108: Sales Tax  

Food Purchases

  1. Should be limited, and are under strict audit scrutiny. See FIN 420–02: Business Meals, Food, and Related Expenses.
  2. Tips cannot exceed 20%
  3. The maximum allowable cost per individual per meal is $40 without prior approval
  4. If food is purchased for ASU staff &/or faculty ONLY (no students or non-ASU people), explicit justification must be included to ensure that food is really necessary to conduct business
    1. Events, large group trainings, conferences, etc. are typical examples of when food is purchased
    2. Small meetings, repetitive staff meetings, group discussions, etc. should not require food purchases
  5. Going-away parties, receptions, holiday parties, special occasion parties, etc. are typically not paid for using University funds.
    1. Exceptions include large unit celebrations, recognition for departing employees in high ranks or with the University for over 5 years.
  6. Submit a Purchase/Reimbursement Form with attached Business meal form and itemized receipts to your Business Office or Research Support Representative. 
    1. For Aramark, Catering Services at the MU and the University Club see Business Meals And Related Expenses Form Instructions 
    2. Remember, these forms require original, ink signatures from the person seeking reimbursement.

**If you are requesting a reimbursement and exceed these limits without prior approval, you cannot be reimbursed for the excess amount.

Specialty Purchases

These are unusual purchases, therefore, ift is recommended you talk with your Business Office/Research Support contact first.

  1. New Furniture, facilities will arrange a meeting with Target to meet with you to provide a quote. For more information, see Furniture Services.
    1. Kat Turner with Target Interior is ASU’s contact for all furniture needs. She can be reached at Kat.Turner@TCIInteriors.com.
    2. Ordering Copiers, ASU has a strategic alliance with Canon who handles all of ASU printing equipment needs. For more information, see ASU-Canon Strategic Alliance Partnership.
    3. Vehicles purchase process is outlined in PUR 401–07: Vehicles. Departments are required to work with ASU’s Fleet Manager.
    4. For a list of other uncommon purchases and ASU preferred vendors, see SunMart and Purchasing and Business Services Manual

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