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Mail Service

Outgoing Mail

The college offers outgoing mail drop off bins for USPS, Campus Mail, and Parcel Services located at the reception desk of Health North. Mailing supplies are located in the mail room of Health South - 153 or the supply room of Health South - 215.

Incoming Mail

ASU Mail

  • Campus Mail services sorts & delivers mail daily each morning at approximately 9:00am.
  • This delivery consists of mostly ASU internal mail items.
  • All outgoing mail can be placed at the Reception Desk postal dropboxes of Health North.
  • Common Internal Mail Codes
    • Health North and Health South, 3020
    • Mercado – Undergraduate Advising, Community Engagement for Health, and Marketing and Communications, 8220
    • Mercado – Simulation and Learning Resources, 9120
    • West Campus – 2651

 US Postal Mail

 US Mail delivers once daily. No set time; usually late afternoon.

  • This delivery consists of all US postal mailings for any given day.
  • Receptionist on duty sorts & delivers as time permits in the latter part of the day.
  • Mail is sorted daily and can be picked up in Health South 153 mailroom.
  • If you need a mailbox, please inform the receptionist on duty in Health North.

 Other Deliveries

USPS, Couriers, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, UPS, DHL, Staples, ASU Stores. All of these deliveries occur throughout the day. Recipient will receive email to retrieve packages when applicable. Receptionist on Duty will deliver to mailroom for safekeeping at end of each day. Recipient is responsible for claiming their packages in a timely fashion.

Other Mail Services, Policies, and Procedures



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