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Office Moves & Remodeling

When restoring or upgrading an area, i.e. renovating or remodeling, the Facilities Manager coordinates personnel moves, also plans and coordinates with the Campus scheduling office or classroom availability during the project period. All facilities problems and items are channeled through the facilities manager's office (Health North 301D) for action, discussion and implementation.

You may also contact your facilities specialist for things like:

  • Boxes

  • Hanging Pictures

  • Moving Assistance

  • Other moving items and equipment


We now have a moving and event services team for the Downtown Phoenix Campus available for service (billable to College, Department, or Unit). Costs for these services are based on the time and materials required to perform the requested service. This service is offered at the *Non-Journey rate which we feel is very competitive with off-campus vendors such as Dircks Moving & Logistics who charge $95/hour for similar services. This team can assist with things such as:


  • Moving Furniture and equipment on campus
  • Set up tables & chairs for events
  • Delivery of furniture and equipment from ASU Surplus Facility
  • Providing estimates for anticipated labor/materials needs


Requests can be submitted at: https://cfo.asu.edu/requests-for-service

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