Data Lab

Database consultation

Supporting investigators, research team members, and other clients who use REDCap, Excel, SPSS, and SAS for data collection and management.

  • As the ASU representative to the REDCap consortium, Edson College charges the data lab with the day-to-day administration of the local REDCap installation
    • Coaching the project manager to do the following things: Some user-related issues: Setting up user rights, adding an existing user to the project, password resetting, etc.
    • Approving modifications to the project when the project is already in production mode: Adding new users to the REDCap user database, suspending or deleting an existing user, adding foreign language translation, adding new fields or modify existing ones, adding new choices modifying existing ones, or even deleting variables, if the investigator plans to recollect the data

Statistical consulting

Assisting investigators, research team members, and other clients with the selection and application of appropriate statistical techniques to their data, primarily for unfunded and small scale grant-funded projects.

Lecture series, brown bags, workshops

Offering training on topics including data entry and management, advanced statistical techniques, and research design.

Tutorials and resources

Creating and disseminating tutorials (e.g., slide shows, voice-over, video) and other resources (e.g., examples of common analyses with interpreted output, books) for clients to use.

Collaborative community projects

Working with Edson College Associate Dean for R.I.S.E. to actively reach out to the local community and build collaborative partnerships through supporting research design, data management and data analysis.

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