Statistical consulting

Working with investigators, research team members, and trainees on sample size calculations and development of appropriate statistical approaches, primarily for grant applications and large-scale grant-funded projects.

Data analysis

Developing, overseeing, and/or executing data analysis plans, primarily for large scale grant-funded projects.

Research methods consulting

Supporting basic to advanced research design including randomized control trials, cluster randomized control trials, intensive longitudinal designs, quasi-experimental designs, and complex sampling designs.

Grant co-investigators and/or manuscript coauthors

Serving as grant co-investigators and co-authoring manuscripts with Edson College investigators.

Data archiving methods

Collaborating with ASU Knowledge Enterprise Development (KED), and individual academic units including Edson College on developing policies and making recommendations with regard to the archiving of research data, including both accessibility and infrastructure.

Teaching and student committees

Teaching statistics and research methodology courses, providing guest lectures, offering occasional workshops on data- and statistics-related issues (e.g., data entry and management, basic and advanced statistical methods), and also providing methodological support as members of thesis and dissertation committees.

Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs)/Data Safety Monitoring Plans (DSMPs)

Serving on DSMBs and supporting the design of DSMPs for research projects, together with other Edson College colleagues, including applied investigators and the Data Lab personnel.

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