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A traveler who requests reimbursement for expenses related to in-state travel, such as mileage, parking and meals, must use the Reimbursement for Mileage, Parking, Taxi and Car Expenses form on the Financial Services website.  This can be completed online and submitted to the CONHI Business Office for reimbursement.


ASU recently developed a new travel portal for employees and students called My ASU Trip.  This site, developed in partnership with Concur Technologies, is an end-to-end travel system, allowing users to create trip requests, book travel, and submit expense reports, all of which are routed to the appropriate account signers and approvers.

This system is for all international and out-of-state travel, as well as in-state travel that involves an overnight stay.  In-state travel that doesn’t require an overnight stay can be managed with a mileage and related cost reimbursement form (see below).

All employees have a travel profile in the system (students must be added as new users) and need to verify their profiles prior to first use.  Once a profile is verified and user details are updated, the system allows for a paperless process that can handle roundtrip or multi-destination travel, both domestic and international.

The My ASU Trip site has information related to per diem rates, travel card application, instructions on how to complete a travel request and expense report, as well as many other resources.  Training resources, including video how-to guides, can be found here:  https://cfo.asu.edu/travel-training.

Insurance Purposes

Employees who are traveling for ASU business and are seeking reimbursement for expenses are required to use the My ASU Trip system.  Even if a traveler isn’t requesting reimbursement, employees in travel status are covered by ASU’s insurance.  The system also helps ASU manage its “duty of care” for its employees.  By keeping track of where employees are throughout the US and the world, ASU can more easily assist travelers with unforeseen issues, including natural disasters or civil unrest, to make sure the travelers return home safely.


For the entire Travel policy, please see the University’s policies regarding Travel by visiting the ASU CFO website.

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