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Marketing & Communication Team Contact

Office location: Mercado C

Robin Krause
Senior Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications

Jorge Arteaga
Interaction Designer, Senior

Jamie Ell
Media Specialist

​Amanda Goodman
Media Relations Officer

​Angela Haskovec
Community & Alumni Relations Coordinator

Preston Swan
Marketing and Communications Manager

Mitchell Tay
Digital Marketing Manager

​Torsten Voss
Media Production Coordinator


The CONHI Marketing and Communications team is here to help spread the word about stories and events happening around the college. Whether it be providing you a template to create your own lecture announcement, or featuring your story in our weekly newsletter, we want to hear from you.  If you want to use one of our premade templates to create your own department flyer, please visit our Graphic Design page.

Submit a Story to us

If you have an event or story, send us an email at conhimarketing@asu.edu including the following information:

  • Summary of content (What is it, why is it important, who the event is for in CONHI)
  • Location, date, and time of events
  • Any images/documents/links related to the content
  • Contact information to follow-up questions

Communication Standards and Procedures

The CONHI weekly email newsletter, Health Now, is the preferred vehicle for communicating information to college faculty and staff and is supported by Dean Pipe, Executive Leadership Team and the CONHI Strategic Communication and Marketing team. Health Now was developed in order to reduce the number of emails employees receive and to serve as the primary communication tool for information about the college, staff and faculty. A modified version of Health Now is distributed to approximately 3,000 alumni and friends of the college on a monthly basis.

Staff and faculty are encouraged to share the following types of information for publication in Health NowThis list is not meant to be all-inclusive.

  • Promotions, Awards, and other Recognition received by staff and faculty
  • Staff and Faculty Accomplishments such as
    • Presentations at conferences and to community
    • Research proposals submitted
    • Research awards received
    • Publications
    • College-wide event announcements

The newsletter is delivered to all CONHI employees on Tuesdays. Staff and faculty may request items be placed in the newsletter by sending details of the request to conhimarketing@asu.eduno later than noon of the Friday before. This deadline provides time for our marketing and communications team to prepare the newsletter for delivery. All items submitted after Friday at noon will be included in the following week’s newsletter if still applicable. Images and links may be included with any submission, but are not required.

We understand the need arises to occasionally generate college-wide announcements such as important messages from the Dean, CONHI Business Services Office, IT alerts, and public safety announcements such as disruption in water or electrical services. Send all other communications to Robin Krause, CONHI Strategic Marketing and Communications Director, to be vetted for publication in Health Now or emailed from conhimarketing@asu.edu via a distribution list. 

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