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Marketing & Communication Team Contact

Office location: Mercado C

Lisa McQuerrey
Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications

​Amanda Goodman
Senior Communications Specialist

​Angela Haskovec
Senior Alumni Relations Coordinator

Ashley Erbes
Associate Director

Luis Gray-Gomez
Website Specialist

Rebecca Del Rincon
Interaction Designer

Brandon Nazari
Digital Video Production Manager

Alexa Kirkpatrick
Events Manager

Promotional Items

We are pleased to offer Edson College employees promotional items they can use for Edson College events for recruiting prospective students, faculty and staff, and raising brand awareness with external audiences. 

It is the expectation that items needed for events, research studies or other programming related to a grant or external funding will be purchased from that budget. 

We currently do not handle special requests for promotional items.

If you need higher-level items for visiting dignitaries or as special gifts, please contact edsonmarketing@asu.edu with your request.

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