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Edson College Event Resources

Edson College Events Calendar

Planning an event with Edson College? Get started here! On this page, you will find tools and resources to assist with your planning process. If you need additional assistance or want to talk through certain aspects of your event, please contact Lex Kirkpatrick directly at Alexa.Kirkpatrick@asu.edu to schedule a meeting. Get a head start by filling out this event consultation form ahead of time.


Event Planning Basics

Developing an event and planning timeline – You want to be sure to have enough time ahead of your event to not only secure the logistics for a great program, but also provide sufficient notice to your potential audiences. For some timeline examples on different types of events, please view this event tier guide.

Confirming your date and time – You’ll want your date and time to align with the goals of your event, as well as avoid scheduling conflicts with key university timelines, religious holidays or other large events at ASU. Check the following calendars before confirming your date and time:

Creating a checklist – Putting on a great event means getting all of the smaller details confirmed on time. Use this template to get started – copy to your own Google drive and use as-is or make it your own by adding columns. Here is a full example to use as a reference.

Registering your event with ASU – Many — but not all! — events will require you to enter program details into the ASU Events Registry. Events that are 100% online; designed for internal audiences (i.e., staff/team meetings); will not involve food; will not include executive guests or speakers; or will not be held on ASU property, do not need to be registered. If you are unsure about this process or registration criteria, please contact Lex at Alexa.Kirkpatrick@asu.edu

Building RSVP forms – One of the most important front-end event details to consider is how you want to gather information about your participants. You need information about how many guests will be attending as well as their contact information to send out important event reminders, updates or cancellations if needed. Here are a few options for you to build as simple or as complex of a RSVP form that is needed for your event:



Equipment Options


Promoting your event

Building a marketing toolkit - Having a marketing plan that incorporates a variety of methods is essential to generating public interest in your event. It is highly recommended that you consult with the Edson College Marketing and Communications team if you need any help with building and strategizing your content. Fill out the Marketing Request Form to get started.

Collateral and giveaways - The Marketing and Communications team has an inventory of giveaway items for Edson College colleagues to use for events. Shop our inventory here, or email edsonmarketing@asu.edu for advice and ideas on other giveaways.



ASU campuses – Convenient and close to students and faculty alike, it’s always a great idea to start on a campus location when scouting for event spaces. View the list of campus locations for ideas on where to host your next event.

ASU-affiliated locations – Though not tied to specific campuses, there are a handful of ASU-owned buildings located across the Phoenix metropolitan area that can host your event:

  • J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute facilities – Scottsdale, Phoenix and Mesa. Find a space and make reservations here.

  • ASU Health Futures Center – North Phoenix. Email Erica Bowen for scheduling details.

 Parking and transportation – Parking for any event location can vary widely in accessibility and quantity of spaces. Be sure to determine the following ahead of time: 

  • Will parking be available for guests to use at their own expense or is your unit providing free parking through issuing validations? Be sure that whichever option you choose, guests are aware of what to expect upon arrival to the program.

  • For reserving a large number of spaces on any campus, fill out a reservation form from Parking and Transit Services.

  • Offer alternative options for transportation whenever possible, such as local transit by bus or ASU shuttle. 


Food and beverages

ASU-contracted caterers – ASU has established partnerships with certain caterers, such as Aramark, Atlastaand Sodexo. These entities have more resources and in-house support to put together comprehensive catering packages for any event on campus. Some campus venues have exclusive contracts with these caterers, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the venue’s policies before booking a caterer for your event.

Other vendors – If your event is taking place at a venue without an exclusive catering contract, you are welcome to use any other reputable food service provider. Check out the new guidelines at https://eoss.asu.edu/food-safety-and-health

Alcohol at events – There is an extensive process involved with securing an alcohol permit for your event, so please make sure that planning for an event with alcohol takes place at least three months prior to the program date.

To begin this process, you will indicate on the ASU Events Registry Form, under the “Food & Alcohol” tab, that you plan to serve alcohol at your event. This will kickstart the process and inform the necessary parties at ASU that your event needs a special review. If you have any questions about the permitting process, please feel free to contact Lex at Alexa.Kirkpatrick@asu.edu

Important reminders regarding alcohol for events –

  • Alcohol cannot be purchased with local ASU accounts. Check with Business Services on options for paying for alcohol. 

  • Alcohol permit requests are reviewed case-by-case and must be approved by the Dean; permission to have alcohol at your event is not guaranteed.



Equipment rentals - Depending on the needs of your event, you may find it useful to request equipment that otherwise would not be included in your venue reservation. Consider if you may need additional or different tables than the venue provides (rounds instead of rectangular, for instance), added chairs or trash cans.

  • ASU facilities - Request event assistance from ASU facilities on this form. They will work with you directly to confirm event details and set your equipment reservation.

  • External vendors - You may find that your event set up needs more complex support and equipment to bring your vision to life. This can include additional lighting, tenting, table covers, water stations, decorations and more. View the list of approved vendors for rentals here.

Important reminder - Flowers and other live plants cannot be purchased with local ASU accounts unless it is for an official ASU event. For help in determining if your event meets this requirement, contact Business Services. 


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