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Academic Operations Contacts

Academic Operations Leadership

Cris Wells, EdD, MBA, CCRP
Professor (Clinical)
Senior Director of Academic Operations

Juli McGinnis
Program Coordinator

Academic Contracts

​Suzanne Martin, MNS, MHSM

​Laura Gossman
Administrative Assistant

Instructional Design & Technology

Jinnette Senecal, MEd
Manager Instructional Design

​Celia Coochwytewa, MEd
Instructional Designer, Senior

Aaron Kraft, MA
Instructional Designer

Academic Assessment and Evaluation

Academic Innovation partners with faculty and administrators to assess and evaluate the process of teaching and learning within the College. We assist in developing educational research strategies, data collection, data management, data analysis and dissemination for the College’s quality improvement initiatives and activities. Staff members serve as the Academic Assessment delegate and manage the course evaluation system for the College.

Academic Assessment

The Dean has appointed an AI team member to serve as the Academic Assessment delegate for the College.  We partner with the academic programs to coordinate the development, approval, and evaluation of academic assessment reports and plans in order to meet the expectations of the University Office of Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness.

  • Assessment portal link (only authorized users within CONHI will have access to this link)
  • User guides (planning and reporting)

Course Evaluation

We manage the CONHI CoursEval database and respond to data requests for use in performance reviews, promotion and tenure, and accreditation activities. We store individual and comparative data by semester and analyze this data periodically.

Educational Benchmarking

Educational Benchmarking, Inc. administers customized surveys to graduating students, alumni, and employers to assess student satisfaction and the educational effectiveness of our BSN, MSN, and DNP programs.  AI can assist programs within the college with analyzing this data.


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