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For Sponsored Projects, please contact your R.I.S.E representative.

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All new hire employees and rehires are required to complete an I-9 form (Employment Eligibility Verification).

Complete Steps 1 & 2 of the Online Process of I-9 as instructed in the New Hire Packet.  Choose the location that you will complete Step 3 (Downtown, Tempe, etc.).  Schedule an appointment to complete Step 3 prior to 3 days after your official start date.  You must have your required IDs with you.

You are invited to make an appointment with one of the CONHI I-9 administrators listed below to complete this process or you can choose from the list of other locations located in the New Hire Packet

Jennifer Spatola, Business Services Office
Health South room 206
602-496-0922 or

Pamela Winfrey, R.I.S.E. Office
Health South room 225
602-496-0688 or

Be sure to have the required ID’s with you.  Instructions and list of locations are located in the New Hire Packet (This service may be offered at your orientation)

Out-of-State Hires

Out-of-State hires may complete their new hire paperwork prior to their arrival at ASU, and are not able to deliver the paperwork in person, can do so by having their documents notarized.  Bring Completed I-9 Form to notary.  Notary will make photocopies of your original identification documents and notarize photocopies.  Please see the Notary Instructions. Completed paperwork can be mailed to:

Arizona State University
Employee Services Center
PO Box 871304
Tempe, AZ 85287-1304

Questions on the I-9 process can be directed to one of the I-9 administrators listed above or ASU Human Resources: 1-855-278-5081

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