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Purchasing Cards (P-Cards)

The Purpose of a P-Card is for small purchases not exceeding $5,000.  You may use your P-Card to purchase anything that serves a business purpose, and is permissible by the rules and regulations set forth by ASU.

Requesting a new P-Card

For local and state accounts, fill out the application, obtain the Director of Business Services' signature as the P-card Manager, and submit to your Business Office partner as they will be auditing your statements monthly.

For sponsored, RID and IIA accounts, contact CONHIresearch@asu.edu for guidance. Note: it is not our practice to issue p-cards for sponsored accounts.  

P-Card Reconciliation of Monthly Statements

  • Each account is to be reconciled on a monthly basis to confirm that all expenditures are accurate and appropriate.
  • Each month you will receive your statement directly from JP Morgan Chase.
  • Complete the following for each statement:
    • Reconciliation Worksheet
    • Transaction Log
    • Missing Receipt Form
    • Attach all statements, itemized receipts, backup documentation, detailed descriptions of what was purchased, and extensive explanation as to how the items were used and the ASU Public benefit/purpose.  Submit this reconciliation to your Business Services partner within 2 weeks of receiving your statement. P-cards that are not consistently reconciled in a timely manner will be reduced to zero balances at the discretion of the Business Services Team.

Requirements of the P-Card

  • Provide a detailed business purpose
  • Original itemized invoice and/or receipt (proof of what was purchased)
  • Supporting documentation (examples):
    • Participant list
    • Flyer or email of event taking place
    • Business Meals Form
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Travel Authorization

What Is “Business Purpose”

  • An expenditure that is reasonable, ordinary and necessary to conduct ASU’s business is allowed to be used using ASU funds
  • When providing justification for “business purpose” for the expenditure, please provide
  • why the expenditure was incurred, it reasonableness and how it benefitted ASU
  • Why provide a business purpose?
    • Without supporting documentation the business office is unable to identify the business purpose and purchases may be considered personal or unallowable
    • When giving a business purpose as yourself this question... if an auditor were to come in would he and/or she be able to identify what was purchased, what it was for, and why?

Restricted/Unallowable Purchases

  • Charges that are restricted on a p-card.
  • Purchase of restricted/ unallowable items can result in violation of policies and possible cancellation of the P-Card
    • If you make a purchase that is restricted and not allowed on a p-card, please contact your Business Services partner immediately to rectify.
      • If a charge on a p-card needs to be moved to a different account or sub-org than the one that is automatically billed to that card, please email immediately after charging so that the expense can be moved in in PaymentNet before it hits your account incorrectly.

Single Transaction Limit Increase

As of June 12th, all PCard increase requests for transactions over $5,000 should be submitted via ServiceNow instead of submitting via email. The new form can be found here

Questions and Monthly Credit Limit OR a Monthly & Daily Transaction Limit increase requests, should continue to be e-mailed to PCard@asu.edu.


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