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Budgeting is a complex activity best managed with your Business Services or Research Support representative. Please see below for an overview of the process.

General Operating (State) and Local

Budgeting at ASU is a set of activities, conducted annually, to establish spending limits and authority for the various accounts across the university.  Budgeting at ASU is done for a fiscal year, which begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 the following year.  A budget that is referred to as “FY19-20”, or, more commonly, “FY20,” indicates that the budget year starts on July 1, 2019 and ends on June 30, 2020.

The Associate Vice President for Planning and Budget is responsible for ASU’s overall budget process, but college and department employees contribute to this process by planning and entering budget information at regular intervals, including the annual budget preparation as well as quarterly forecast updates.  Most commonly, the annual and quarterly budget forecasts are developed through communication between the Edson Business Services office and the department account manager responsible for the accounts/budget for that area.

ASU issues instructions and other information regarding budget development.

Certain basic information regarding budgeting include:

  • ERE rates – these are costs associated with salaries and wages that are paid to employees.  The specific cost varies and is based on the kind of employee.  Costs are calculated against the total amount of personnel expenses for each employee category.
  • Internal ASU fees – these are additional costs that can be found on various ASU accounts.  The most common include the Administrative Services Charge (ASC) and the Risk Management Insurance Assessment and Technology Fee.  These internal costs are often referred to as “overhead” and are how ASU recoups funds to pay for certain university-wide services, such as facilities, human resources, campus security, insurance, technology improvements, purchasing and financial services, and other general administrative activities.

ERE and other internal rates

Sponsored and Grant

Budgeting for grants and sponsored projects is managed project-by-project according to sponsor requirements. Your assigned pre-award contact is your best resource for submission budget planning and the post award team is your best resource for managing your budget after award. Both pre and post award teams are happy to draft budgets, explore options and answer questions. 

Depending on the project and sponsor requirements, each budget i s different. There are,however, a few costs that remain the same or must be included in each sponsored/grant budget. Links included below for reference.

ERE (aka fringe benefits)

Tuition remission

Indirect costs (aka Facilities & Administrative costs (F&A))

Your Research Support team knows budgeting for submissions, awards and everything in between and will work with you to create a budget for your project form the ground up. To schedule a meeting, ask a question or get additional information, please contact us at CONHIresearch@asu.edu.

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