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Submission Schedule

Below is a snapshot of the 2018-2019 academic year submission schedule. It includes already submitted as well as to be submitted proposals. To be added to the schedule, please go to the Notice of Intent to Submit page. Entries in bold have been awarded. For questions, please contact CONHIresearch@asu.edu.

Sponsor Due DatePrincipal Investigator (PI)Project TitleActivity TypeProposal TypeSponsorPrime SponsorMechanismProposal #Proposal Status
07/15/18Diane NunezRHPP AHEC Scholars FY2019Scholarships/FellowshipsNewUniversity of ArizonaAzAHEC 16845Awarded
08/05/18Gerri LambCase Studies and Supporting Content in Communication, Leadership, and Problem-solving for Population HealthResearchNew AACN-CDC 16994Submitted
08/08/18Tara BautistaAssessing Initial Acceptability of an MBRP InterventionScholarships/FellowshipsResubmissionNIDANIHF3114060_Res1Submitted
08/20/18Narayanan KrishnamurthiReal-Time Feedback to Improve Gait and Posture in People with Parkinson's DiseaseResearchNew Michael J. Fox Foundation 17013Submitted
08/31/18Rebecca LeeMHealth Strategies to Increase Physical Activity and Reduce Cardiometabolic RiskResearchNew NIHR2117153Submitted
09/06/18Angela ChenISSR: Engaging College Students in Analyzing Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine Messages on YouTube and Developing Public Health EducationResearchNewISSR  N/AAwarded
09/07/18Rebecca LeeMaking health a shared value: Sustainability via Active Garden Education (SAGE)ResearchNew RWJF 17500Submitted
09/14/18David CoonSun Devil Caregiver AcademyResearchNewASU FoundationWomen in Philanthropy 17525Submitted
09/14/18Judy KarshmerCollege of Nursing & health Innovation (CONHI) & ASU Preparatory AcademyResearchNewASU FoundationWomen in Philanthropy 17527Submitted
09/19/18Shawn YoungstedtOptimizing cirdadia adjustment to a shifted schedule using bright light, exercise, and melatoninResearchPre-Proposal DOD 17573Submitted
09/21/18Gabriel ShaibiA Family based diabetes prevention program for medicall underserved communities (Sub)ResearchNewUniversity of ArizonaNIHR0117408Submitted
10/05/18Megan PetrovInvestigating the Influences of Sleep‐Wake Patterns and Gut Microbiome Development
in Infancy on Rapid Weight Gain, an Early Risk Factor for Obesity
ResearchNew NIHR0117484Submitted
10/05/18Rebecca LeePromoting rural child health through out-of-school and home settingsResearchNewUniversity of MontanaNIHR0116870Submitted
10/05/18Gabriel ShaibiCirculating Protein and RNA signatures associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (Sub)ResearchNewTgenNIHR0117560Submitted
10/05/18Shelby LangerRandomized Trial of a Proactive Financial Navigation Intervention for Cancer Patients and CaregiversResearchResubmissionFred Hutchinson Cancer ResearchNIHR0113245_Res1Submitted
10/17/18Linda LarkeyVagal tone as an optimization target for Qigong/Tai ChiResearchResubmission NIHR61/R3314460_Res1Submitted
10/17/18Kelly DavisExamining Emotion Regulation as a Mechanism in Reducing Alcohol-Facilitated Interpersonal Violence among Young Adult Men and WomenResearchResubmissionUniversity of WashingtonNIHR0113512_Res1Submitted
11/01/18Angela Chen Pilot study of developing and testing a digital storytelling interention to promote HPV vaccinationsScholarships/FellowshipsNewFahs-Beck Fund  17898Submitted
11/05/18Kelly DavisA Cluster-Randomized Effectiveess Evaluation of Alcohol-related Sexual Violence Prevention through Bar Staff Bystand…ResearchResubmissionUniverity of ArizonaNIHR0114486_Res1Awarded
11/05/18Rebecca Lee/Linda LarkeyTesting novel physical activities to improve cardiometabolic risk in Latina womenResearchResubmission NIHR0113253_Res1Submitted
11/08/18David CoonParkinson's Partners in Care: Focus Group and PilotResearchNew Muhammed Ali Parkinson's Center 18336Awarded
11/15/18Tiara CashAthlete Activism & Intrsectionality: Narratives from then to nowResearchNew ASU Global Sport Institute N/ASubmitted
11/26/18Shawn YoungstedtOptimal Acclimatization to Time Zone Shifts: A Pre-Clinical TrialResearchPre-proposal DOD: USSOCOMM 17631Submitted
11/28/18Pauline KomnenichHRSA NFLP FY20Scholarships/FellowshipsNew HRSA 18385Submitted
01/01/19David CoonVSUW/HOPE Core ExpansionPublic ServiceNew VSUW 14514_Rev1Awarded
01/04/19David CoonU19 Sub: Precision Aging Network: Closing the Gap Between Cognitive Healthspan and LifespanResearchNewUniversity of ArizonaNIH-NIAU1918621Submitted
02/05/19Kelly DavisEvaluation and Optimization of a Just-in-time Messaging Intervention to Reduce Alcohol-Facilitated Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration Among At-Risk Young Adult Men and WomenResearchNewUniversity of WashingtonNIHR0118810Submitted
02/16/19Carol MoffettiTetherAZ- Recovery Support for Women Battling Substance Use DisorderResearchNew AHRQR2117472Submitted
02/20/19Gabe ShaibiPreventing Diabetes in Latino Yough - Revision 1ResearchNew NIHR01 Sup2684_Rev1Submitted
02/21/19Elizabeth ReifsniderEffect of early life exposure to environmental edocrine disruptors and sex hormone interaction on child growth and developmental delay: a longitudinal study in ChinaResearchNew NIH 18947Submitted
02/26/19Judith OchiengHRSA-ANE-NPR ProgramResearchNewEl RioHRSA 19374Submitted
02/26/19Liz HarrellMercy Care - Work Force DevelopmentPublic ServiceNewMercy CareAHCCCS 19449Awarded
03/03/19Rodney JosephISSR: Acceptability and Feasibility of a Culturally Relevant Smartphone-delivered Physical Activity Intervention among Midlife African American WomenResearchNew ISSR n/aAwarded
03/05/19Gerri LambMoral Injury Digital MagazineInstructionNewNat'l Assn for Community Health Centers (NACHC)HRSA 19584Awarded
03/14/19Felipe CastroPreProposal: Living Strong: Resilience Skills Training for Civilian Transition ChallengesResearchNew DoD-USAMRAA 19621Submitted
04/04/10Shawn YoungstedtCircadian acclimatization of performance, sleep, and 6-sulphatoxymelatonin usingResearchNew DoD-ARMY: USAMRAA 19405Submitted
04/15/19Megan Petrov & Corrie WhisnerInvestigating the Influences of Sleep‐Wake Patterns and Gut Microbiome Development
in Infancy on Rapid Weight Gain, an Early Risk Factor for Obesity
ResearchResubmission NIHR0117484-Res1Submitted
04/26/19Kelly DavisWeb-Based Sexual Assault Prevention for Service MembersResearchNewRhode Island HospitalDoD 20103Submitted
04/29/19Shawn YoungstedtLOI: Circadian Synchronization and Cardiovascular Consequences of Space TravelResearchNew NASA-Johnson Space Center 20098Submitted
05/01/19Gerri Lamb/David CoonGetting Person’s with Alzheimer’s disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) and their Families to the Center of the Care TeamResearchNew Retirement Research Fdtn N/ASubmitted
05/03/19David Coon/Michael WilsonLOI: Development and Pilot Testing of the CHECK-IN Clinician/Interpreter Pre-Meeting Huddle GuideResearchNew ASU-Mayo Seed Grant N/ASubmitted
05/03/19Linda Larkey/Sherry ChesakLOI: Qigong/Tai Chi Easy for Reducing Stress and Enhancing Resilience in Family Caregivers: A Pilot StudyResearchNew ASU-Mayo Seed Grant N/ASubmitted
05/03/19Megan Petrov / Lori RhudyLOI: Adapting a smartphone-Delivered Self-Management Program and Behavioral Intervention for Positive Airway Pressure therapy Initiation…ResearchNew ASU-Mayo Seed Grant N/ASubmitted
05/03/19Shelby Langer / Helene LabonteLOI: A cross-sectional study to explore associations between gut microbiota composition and relationship adjustment and communication among older adult couplesResearchNew ASU-Mayo Seed Grant N/ASubmitted
05/06/19David CoonArizona Alzheimer's Consortium (AAC) FY20ResearchNon-Competing Continuation/Renewal Arizona Alzheimer's Consortium 20030Submitted
06/05/19Shelby LangerAddressing Cancer-Related Financial Hardship through Delivery of a Proactive Financial Navigation InterventionResearchNewFred Hutchinson Cancer ResearchNIHR01 20246Submitted
06/14/19Angela Chen/Sunny Kim (MPI)Development and FeasibilityTesting of a Culture-Centric Digital Storytelling Intervention to Promote HPV Vaccination in Vietnamese and Korean AmericansResearchNewNINRNIHR3418324Notice of Intent
06/14/19Linda LarkeyKoru Mindfulness: A Feasibility Study Among Emerging Adults Experiencing First-year University Transitional StressResearchNew NIHR34 20329Notice of Intent
07/05/19Gabe ShaibiA Family-Based Diabetes Prevention Program for Medically Underserved Communities at the YMCA-Res 1ResearchResubmissionUniversity of ArizonaNIHR0117409_Res1Notice of Intent
07/05/19Rebecca Lee/Megan PetrovGenerations Health Project: An integrated approach to promoting and sustaining healthy behaviors in rural childrenResearchResubmissionUniversity of MontanaNIHR0116870_Res1Notice of Intent
07/09/19Shawn YoungstedtFP: Circadian Synchronization and Cardiovascular Consequences of Space TravelResearchNew NASA-Johnson Space Center 20203Notice of Intent
10/16/19Linda LarkeyTBDResearchNewNCI, NINRNIHR21 Notice of Intent
10/30/19Megan PetrovTBDResearchNew NIHR21 Notice of Intent

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