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Supervisor Guidelines

A supervisor should consider the following when approving a flexible work arrangement:

  • Determine if the duties and responsibilities of the position are conducive to a flexible
    work arrangement
  • Ensure the employee knows that is it expected that their quality and quantity of work
    must be maintained.
  • Determine an appropriate flexible work arrangement that works best to support the
    department and university needs.
  • Determine what equipment, if any, will be required to support the change.
  • Provide resources to support the employee in case they encounter technical problems.
    Establish expected communication methods and frequency


When reviewing a flexible work arrangement, consider the following:

Operations criteria of the department:

  • The department can maintain productivity and quality of service for students, faculty and other university community members.
  • The arrangement will not negatively impact department’s culture, objectives, goals or workforce and leadership development activities.
  • The employee has demonstrated sustained high performance, and when the supervisor believes the employee can maintain the expected quantity and quality of work while working remotely.

Possible expenses:

  • Courier services to deliver supplies or documents to a remote worker.
  • Equipment or supplies such as a laptop an employee can use in multiple locations.
  • Reallocation of work to other employees on days that the employee is not in the primary work location.
  • Special costs are associated with work performed remotely from another state or country.


    • Transportation or travel costs if required.
    • State-law requirements—employment taxes, additional workers’ compensation insurance, salary requirements or local requirements to provide equipment or supplies.


See Supervisor Guidelines for tips on managing employees on a hybrid or full remote work schedule.

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