Business Services Contacts

Philip Carrano
Sr. Director, Business Services

Finance Team

Patrick Byler
Financial Specialist

Marisa Palmer
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Business Operations Specialist

Human Resources Team

Kecia Powell
Human Resources Specialist

Merari Gishie
Human Resources Specialist Senior

Johanna Kruckenberg
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Human Resources Specialist

How to Request FWA

  1. Both employee and supervisor review SPP 306: Flexible Work Arrangements
  2. Employee and supervisor meet to discuss a flexible work arrangement.
  3. Supervisor will bring the proposed FWA to leadership (Director and/or Assoc Dean).
  4. Leadership reviews requests with the Dean to obtain approval.
  5. Upon Dean approval, supervisor will inform employee to move forward with FWA request form.
  6. Employee must complete this flexible work arrangement request form found in the Edson HUB forms folder.
    *If full remote working out-of-state, see below for additional form.
  7. Additional approval may be required from the EVP. If so, Edson HR will obtain.
  8. Copies of the fully approved form will be filed in the employee’s Edson personnel folder, provided to the department supervisor, and provided to the employee.

A flexible work arrangement tracking tool is available for supervisors to help manage schedules.


Out-of-State Full Remote Work
Employees approved to work out-of-state must also have an approved ‘Out-of-State Request form’ in addition to the FWA form. Full details and information here.


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