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Participant Incentives

As outlined in FIN 420-04: Payment of Awards or Incentives, the university permits small dollar awards and incentives to recognize faculty, staff, students, or others not directly affiliated with the university.  The use of small dollar incentives or prizes to increase participation in university events or to increase student or employee morale can also be an effective means to build a sense of community within the university.  Awards and incentives (monetary and nonmonetary) to employees, students, and ASU guests are subject to approval and may be subject to tax reporting requirements.

Your Research Support representative can assist you with the expense advance process including appropriate paperwork, approvals and account set up if needed.

The gifting of public funds is prohibited by university policy as well as Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.). University funds cannot be used to provide gifts to employees for occasions of a personal nature such as weddings, holidays, or birthdays.  Additionally, use of sponsored or other restricted (e.g., gift) accounts requires pre-approval from the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Administration or Financial Services respectively. These types of expenses are usually not allowable on a sponsored account.


Note:  Student, faculty, and staff incentives differ from research incentive payments. For more information on research incentive payments refer to FIN 421-05: Human Subject Payments.

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