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Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA)


ASU is a diverse enterprise with a wide variety of on-campus operations and activities. ASU
also promotes a healthy and safe workplace, a commitment to sustainability and employee
work-life balance.

We understand flexible work arrangements can offer benefits for employers and employees such as workforce retention, sustainability and work-life balance.

Per SPP 306: Flexible Work Arrangements, department leadership, may offer standard or alternative schedules, hybrid or full remote work schedules that best meet the service and work needs of their respective areas. It is up to deans and vice presidents, working with their leadership teams, to consider flexible work arrangements that work for their departments.

Department leaders should evaluate whether a position is suitable for a flexible work arrangement based on the nature of the work and the needs of the university and department operations. Flexible work arrangements are not guaranteed even if the position is conducive to an alternative schedule.

Employees who have approved ADA accommodations are also eligible for flexible work arrangements. However, an employee requesting a flexible work arrangement to address disability-related needs should first refer to the ADA accommodation process before requesting a flexible work arrangement.


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