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Deposits at Cashiering Services are made according to procedures established by Financial Services. Departments must not make any deposits related to sponsored grants or contracts at Cashiering Services. Instead, these receipts must be delivered directly to Grant and Contract Accounting. All cash receipts are to be deposited intact at Cashiering Services without any portion being used for departmental expenditures. The university procurement policy is to be adhered to for all university purchases, and under no circumstances may purchases be made directly from cash receipts.

Each department and area on campus receiving cash payments and/or check payments are responsible for establishing procedures to ensure:

  • proper hiring and training
  • proper receipting of funds
  • adequate physical security
  • timely and secure depositing of funds
  • balancing and reconciling of transactions
  • separation of duties

Advantage Online Cash Receipt Input Form

This form is to be used when a department has multiple accounting lines with different description fields. Any coding combination authorized by Advantage can be used. Online cash receipts must be approved via an online approval process in Cashiering Services. This approval will not be applied until the originating department has delivered two copies of the receipt that it entered online and the funds to be deposited to Cashiering Services.

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