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Research Incentive Distribution (RID) & Investigator Incentive Awards (IIA)

Research Incentive Distribution (RID) and Investigator Incentive Awards (IIA) are funds returned to investigators as an incentive for conducting research. They are determined based on the allocation percentage included in the ERA proposal routing for each sponsored project submitted by ASU.

The proportions identified for each investigator and his or her home unit(s) determine the amount of Recognition each will receive for each project (proposal, award, and expenditure) and the proportions of available RID and IIA funds they will receive. All faculty are strongly encouraged to review the Arizona Board of Regent’s ASU Research and Sponsored Projects Manual – RSP 106 for policy guidance on this topic. 

Recognition (REC)

REC stands for the recognition that each PI will receive on a sponsored project.  This percentage will determine what dollar amount the PI will receive credit for when submitting proposals, receiving awards, and incurring expenditures on his/her sponsored accounts. 

For example: If a PI was to claim 100% Recognition and the proposal, award, or expenditure is for $50,000, credit for $50,000 that would be reported to the PI directly on his/her next annual activity report.

Research Incentive Distribution (RID) 

RID stands for Research Incentive Distribution.  ASU’s Office for Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED) returns 20% of the Facilities and Administrative costs (F&A) recovered on sponsored projects by ASU to the responsible college as research incentive funds. The percentage each PI claims will determine how much of this 20% will be returned to the CONHI, the centers, and PI(s). 

For example: If ASU were to recover $10,000 in F&A on a sponsored project, OKED would distribute $2,000 (20%) to the colleges based on what was filled out in this column.  Therefore, if a PI had 50% in their RID column, $1,000 would come back to CONHI to be distributed.

The $1,000 would be deposited in the CONHI RID account to be distributed on a monthly basis.  Those funds are split out based on the following formula (Note: this method of dissemination is specific for CONHI only and may differ in different schools or colleges on campus, and may also change within CONHI as required by the dean):

Dean’s office:                      ¾ (15%) of the 20% returned          
PI:                                           ¼ (5%) of the 20% returned

If there is an ABOR-approved center involved in the distribution, the formula is as follows:

Dean’s office:      11% of the 20% returned
PI:                           5% of the 20% returned
ABOR Center:      4% of the 20% returned

NOTE:  If you apply for a grant that has reduced or waived F&A, RID is forfeited to all parties with no exceptions granted.  

Investigator Incentive Awards (IIA)

IIA stands for Investigator Incentive Award.  This works similarly to RID, as it is based on F&A recovered by the university.  Instead of the 20% recovered by RID, IIA receives 5% of the recovered F&A and is shared between all the investigators on the project. This 5% goes directly into the investigator(s) account(s) without splitting it among their Dean’s offices or schools.  If the IIA amount received is under $100, it will not be distributed to any co-investigator(s), but will be added only to the lead PI’s account. 



For quesitons about any of these topics, including how to find your account balance or activity report, please contact CONHIresearch@asu.edu.

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