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SUN Awards

The SUN Award is an easy way to give specific, immediate recognition to one of your ASU co-workers. It is a thoughtful, positive way to honor the ways we work together to accomplish shared university goals. You can email a SUN Award to any faculty, staff or student worker who demonstrates individual excellence in areas such as:

  • continuous improvement

  • creativity

  • customer satisfaction

  • excellent performance

  • fostering cooperation

  • sustainability

  • valuing diversity

  • promoting ASU

Just fill out the online form, personalizing it with a short explanation that describes why your are sending the SUN Award. When you submit the online form, you and the recipient will be notified via email. 

Give someone an award today!

Once the email notification has been received make sure to forward it here for your chance to be entered in a prize drawing!

Retrieve your SUN Award - If the link in your email did not work, or if you prefer not to click on links from your email, use this link to retireve your certificate. If the award links do not work, please make sure you are connected to ASU's VPN client.

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