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Out of State Employees

Faculty & Staff

Employees approved to work out-of-state must also have an approved ‘Out-of-State Request form’ in addition to the FWA form.

  • Employee must provide home address and work address (if different than home) to EdsonHR@asu.edu
  • Supervisor must provide a business purpose for working out-of-state to EdsonHR@asu.edu   

Edson HR will use the information provided to fill out the form and send through Adobe Sign for all approvals, including Provost.

ASU employees whose work site is located in the U.S. outside of Arizona are subject to all
employment laws of the state where they work. Financial Services must be informed in advance of
potential work arrangements outside of Arizona to be fully compliant with all reporting, taxation and
employment regulations of the other state. Departments must notify Financial Services when an employee changes their work location. Refer to FIN 420-08 for more information.

Allowing ASU employees to work in foreign countries can create tax and legal liabilities for the
employee and the university. Each situation must be evaluated separately and may require outside tax and legal counsel. Contact Financial Services at 480-965-3601 before such arrangements are made.


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