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Update Personal Info

Address, Telephone, Email
To update your home address, telephone numbers, or email address, log into MyASU.  Go to Profile > Contact Details to edit the information on record.

Direct Deposit
To enroll in or make changes to direct deposit, log into MyASU  and locate My Employment > Payroll > Direct Deposit and follow the instructions.

Tax Withholding
To update federal or state withholding elections, log into MyASU and locate My Employment > Payroll > W-4 Tax Information or A-4 Tax Information.

Name Changes
– To request a change to the way your name is displayed in the Directory, contact the Help Desk at 855-278-5080.

Legal Name Change – If your legal name has changed, complete a Name Change Form. The form, along with supporting documentation, must be submitted in person to the Office of Human Resources by scheduling an appointment. Questions can be directed to 855-278-5081 or hresc@asu.edu.
Please email EdsonHR@asu.edu  when complete to allow an update to Edson files.

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