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For sponsored/grant related consultant and service purchases, please contact CONHIresearch@asu.edu for guidance.

In accordance with policy FIN 421-01, professional services payments may be made to independent contractors, including honoraria and reimbursements for travel, meals, and lodging.  Professional services include the following types of activities:

  • Guest lectures, speeches, and presentations
  • Consultant services by individuals, partnerships, and corporations
  • Performances
  • Special purpose programs where the fee is based in part on attendance
  • Other professional services performed by nonemployees.


Independent Contractor Determination Checklist – Must be completed by the department and reviewed and approved by the Tax Services unit of Financial Services before making a commitment to an individual to be paid as an independent contractor.

Departmental Professional Services Order – For all service providers when total payment is greater than $100 but less than or equal to $10,000, EXCEPT:

  • Guest lecturers and speakers, when the time spent on campus is less than two weeks
  • Performers, when the number of performances is limited

ASU Substitute W-9 and Vendor Authorization – For all individuals, partnerships, and corporations receiving independent contractor payment(s) greater than $100 in a calendar year.  These forms must be on file with the university before payment will be made.

Services over $10,000

If the expected dollar amount to be paid for services is more than $10,000 but less than $50,000, submit a Purchase Request (RX) to Purchasing and Business Services, along with a completed Independent Contractor Determination Checklist, if necessary.  Purchasing and Business Services will determine the level of competition required and the contract forms to be used.  This determination is usually made after consulting with the requisitioning department.  In this case, the contract could be one of the following documents: the purchase order, a Departmental Professional Services Order, an Arizona Board of Regents’ Agreement for Consultant Services, or a document prepared by Purchasing and Business Services especially for the services to be obtained.

Services over $50,000

Contact Purchasing and Business Services at (480) 965-2160 for assistance.

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