Speed Dial for Cisco Phones

To program and use speed dials for Cisco phones, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to ASU Telephone Admin
  2. Install, or accept the security certificate and continue on.

    You may see a window open that says:

    There is a problem with this website's Security Certificate. You may see different wording depending on the browser you use and whether you are on a PC or MAC, however you want to choose the option that allows you to Install certificate or Continue.
  3. Enter your credentials:
  • User ID: your 5 digit telephone extension number (3xxxx)
  • Web Password Default: sparky (all lowercase)
  • Select: Login
  • Select Phone Settings TAB.
  • Identify the Blank spaces under the heading Speed Dials for This Phone
  • Create your List. You'll enter a telephone number and label for each Abbreviated Dial code. NUMBER column - Enter the telephone number you would normally dial.
    • If you enter an on campus number you can use the short version: 3xxxx or 5xxxx or 4xxxx
    • If you enter an off campus number, then remember to place a "9" before the number: i.e., 96029871234
    • If you enter long distance number, remember the "9" and "1" before the number.
    • No need to add dashes (-) between the number.
    • LABEL column - Enter any name or entity that number belongs to.
    • ASCII LABEL column - Ignore. It will auto-recreate your label column. This is a function/ability that ASU isn't utilizing at this time.
  • ¬†Click on Save.
  • You're done! Speed dials are now immediately available for use.

    To Use Speed Dials from your telephone, perform the following steps:

    1. Do Not pick up the handset.
    2. Do Not open a line. (hear a dial tone)
    3. Simply press a speed dial number, example: 9
    4. Then press the AbbrDial soft key. (The call will now be connected)

    Last revised by Mitchell Tay on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 - 4:26pm